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Pest Solutions

We specialize in designing a program to protect your home, family or business with pest control solutions that will offer you peace of mind. Programs specific to: Bed Bugs, Rodent problems, Roach Control, Termite Treatment & stinging insects.


Our staff doesn’t just administer traditional pest control, rather they are trained to provide a full range of Pest Control Programs that are Eco-Friendly as well as highly effective to handle your pest control requirements.

Your Family's Health

Our solutions are designed to control & eliminate pests that can pose threats to your family’s health. Our programs eliminate crawling & flying pests that can carry disease, trigger allergic reactions & basically take the pleasure out of living space.

Service Guarantee

Our approach is environmentally friendly, and experienced to detect, prevent and eliminate the source of what has invaded your space.
We GUARANTEE great service and TOTAL customer satisfaction.

About Us

Since 1977 Dreyer Exterminating has provided extermination, inspection and preventive services throughout Long Island.


At Dreyer Exterminating Inc, we are committed to providing a safe and professional pest control service that protects your home and business against unwanted pests.


We specialize in providing pest control services to homes and commercial buildings of all sizes.


Our focus allows our efforts at providing you with the most efficient and cost-effective pest services on Long Island.


We are family Owned & Operated.



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